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Oil Delivery

We can provide any type of cooking oil to accommodate your needs. We offer packaged oil or bulk oil delivery. Our oil is NOT “Hydrogenated” oil. The FDA has a ban on hydrogenated oils. We have the finest cooking oils around, all our oils are refined to the highest level of integrity to ensure optimal performance and longer yields.

Expired Oil Pick-up

U.S. Oil Solutions collects and recycles Used Cooking Oil from restaurants, cafeterias, quick service outlets and other food providers. With U.S. Oil Solutions, we’re continuing to provide a clean, safe and worry free service that protects our sewers and waterways while creating sustainable new products.

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Track Real Time Oil Usage

With our innovative mobile application.

With U.S. Oil Solutions mobile application, you can track real time oil usage.  Compare it to historic oil usage.  You can also track refrigerator, freezer, and dishwasher temperatures and generate health inspection reports.


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