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Our Industry Leading Equipment and Oil Management System:

  • Is Guaranteed to Increase the Life of Your Cooking Oil
  • Will Increase the Quality of Your Fried Food
  • Will Reduce Accidents and Insurance Claims

Oil Delivery

We can provide any type of cooking oil to accommodate your needs. We offer packaged oil or bulk oil delivery. Our oil is NOT “Hydrogenated” oil. The FDA has a partial ban on hydrogenated oils. We have the finest cooking oils around, all our oil is “Expeller Pressed” and is refined to the highest quality yielding you a longer oil life for the same cost.

Oil Delivery – Bulk or Jugged

  • U.S. Oil Solutions is the only company that is capable of delivering bulk cooking oil to you, with no added cost associated.
  • We represent 4 major oil manufactures throughout the Country and guarantee to have what you are looking for
  • We can offer private packaging to fit your needs

We are a one stop shop when it comes to an

Customize Trash Sorting & Asset Recovery

U.S. Oil Solutions collects and recycles Used Cooking Oil from restaurants, cafeterias, quick service outlets and other food providers. With U.S. Oil Solutions, we’re continuing to provide a clean, safe and worry free service that protects our sewers and waterways while creating sustainable new products.

We have the best reputation when it comes to trash sorting tracked by our transparent reporting, our cleanliness, and our ability to divert the most recyclables out of the trash stream. With our proprietary software you are able to see everything metered in and metered out. We focus on a safe and clean working environment.

Schedule a time to visit one of docks and see for yourself why U.S. Oil Solutions trash sorting platform is right for you.

Oil Storage

We provide durable patented self-enclosed bulk oil tanks for you to store you new oil and expired cooking oil no more messes or bugs around your oil containers. Our computerized dispatch program ensures that your oil will be picked up on a timely reliable schedule. Our drivers are experienced professionals and are fully insured and bonded to protect all parties should an accidental oil spill or damage occur when the oil is being picked up. We also provide initial response assistance to contain and clean up minor oil spills until further help arrives if required.  U.S. Oil Solutions offers complete peace of mind knowing that your used cooking oil is being handled in an environmentally responsible manner.

U.S. Oil Solution App

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Track Real Time Oil Usage

With our innovative mobile application.

With U.S. Oil Solutions mobile application, you can track real time oil usage.  Compare it to historic oil usage.  You can also track refrigerator, freezer, and dishwasher temperatures and generate health inspection reports.


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